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SORENTO - Peralatan Bilik Mandi

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Post Last Edit by zheilwane at 6-4-2012 00:11

PM me for best price

Johnson Suisse Year End Stock Clearance (while stock last) :clap: /index.php?showtopic=1607783



Here are some Feedback and Comment about Fotile and Us

[quote=happyday119,Sep 11 2010, 10:16 PM]Got my Fotile EH-10B from TS.

The installer cant come on thursday and came on friday even though today is 1st day of raya. He is a Chinese though.
Both of the installers are very friendly, and my parents love their handworks, they tidy up the things nicely after installation and filled up the hole(not made by him also).

- A very friendly seller. Really not that kind to push sales and cunning one.
- Nice guy
- Will call you to confirm the installation date and double check if to see the installer has come
- Shop is neat and tidy - in Kepong, KL

Definitely recommended !! I seldom write review or comment to seller, but he got really good customer service and price too smile.gif (p/s: zeane - I got survey la ..)

My mother satisifed with the hood. Fotile EH-10B is definitely your choice if you find a good hood.


[quote=LickGuy,Oct 21 2010, 02:24 PM]got my fotile hob+hood+oven from zheilwane for a gooooooood price.
(jx05 + fa6b + bihX165XX)
because house still under renovation so i don't have a chance to test yet,
but according to review fotile should be good, really looking forward to test drive

Been to homedec and the Lebenstil sales show me the stove, fire looks impressive ..but they told me it's from GERMAN .. when I whois the domain ... it's under PENSONIC MALAYSIA ... for being dis-honest, i not taking them tell-la if buatan malaysia, if quality ok I dun mind gettin it also mah, no need to lie.
[quote=numbertwo,Oct 20 2010, 09:17 AM]ya that was obviously excluding all accessories.   Most expensive item when you redo ur bathroom is the rerouting of pipings and WC...don't touch this if you don't have to!

btw i bot my kitchen/bathroom accessories from zheilwane's store actually and it saves me a lot compare to the price in Damansara area..worth a visit.

[quote=lousycar,Oct 15 2010, 11:49 AM]Fotile is specially designed for Chinese style cooking. Just need to compare the suction power and the exhaust pipe diameter, then u will understand. One more pro is the ease of cleaning the hood. Fotile all the way!

[quote=Drian,Oct 21 2010, 05:50 PM]Yah Yah got some stuff from zheilwane as well.

[quote=octboy,May 25 2010, 01:32 AM]great explaination & service not some lcly or pushing sales , store many choices willing show u & explain. very handy shop. the best thing is great price also given to forummer should find ur post earlier ler.

[quote=LickGuy,Oct 21 2010, 02:37 PM]renovating wc aren't cheap ..... especially wanna go for branded (or quality ) sanitary pieces. Luckily for mine I don't need to tile/re-tile, just need to install hot water pipe (cuz solar heater) & mixer & bidet, but buying all this oso cost me a fortune, especially I need to buy mixers & water pump TWICE (cuz new hse kena break-in, then all things got stolen ).

I bough all my WC stuffs (include solar heater, and etc) from zheilwane, gooooood price and service I must say. When my first set of sorento mixers (they stolen the body only) kena stolen, I ask him if I could get replacement body, he even help me to contact sorento see if they sell mixer body only. Although sorento response w/ they're not selling spare parts but I do appreciate him for the effort, and recently I just went to his shop to get my 2nd set of mixers & water pump, and i got additional small discount for returning visit

[quote=lousycar,Mar 31 2010, 10:53 AM]I am using fotile hood hob and oven. Loving it. Especially the hood, very strong and the most suitable for asian cooking.


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 Author| Post time 16-8-2011 10:50 PM | Show all posts | Share
Post Last Edit by zheilwane at 16-8-2011 22:58


Untuk mengetahui lebih tentang fungsi pam air, sila kunjungi ke kedai kita pada 23/8-27/8 2011 kerana GRUNDFOS akan menghantar wakil dan " TRUCK DEMO" ke showroom kita. Ambillah ini sebagai peluang untuk mengetahui lebih tentang PAM AIR daripada syarikat GRUNDFOS. Anda boleh melihat bagaimana PAM AIR ini berfungsi, merasai prestasi hebat PAM AIR dan boleh mengemukakan sebarang soalan jika ada kemusykilan.


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 Author| Post time 25-8-2011 09:09 PM | Show all posts | Share
Promosi tinggal dua hari sahaja, cepat lah datang utk mendapat harga murah. Promosi hingga sabtu sahaja

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