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Jenis-jenis makhluk halus

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Incidental Spirits
These types of spiritual beings are often called ¡°astral garbage.¡± I find this classification a bit aggressive. I prefer ¡°incidental spirits.¡± Their existence is incidental to your will (and, reciprocally, your existence is incidental to theirs). No one needs to call anyone ¡°garbage.¡± They usually want nothing to do with you. They don¡¯t care if you exist, and will happily ignore you even as you go about their business. They may be drawn to you out of curiosity, but will have no interest in talking to you once they find out you¡¯re human. They tend to cluster around large magical workings.  

Inimical Spirits
These, on the other hand, are drawn to you for a specific purpose. They are angry¡ªor just generally dislike humans¡ªand therefore want to cause you pain. You can safely classify all ¡°demons¡± and some hauntings in this category. I sometimes call these spirits shedim, a Hebrew word meaning ¡°demon.¡± I avoid the word ¡°demon¡± because it carries religious connotations I often wish to avoid. When talking to Christians, however, I will sometimes use the term just to ease communication. Sometimes inimical spirits are guided by a human agency.  

Amicable Spirits
These helping spirits usually carry the same power level as inimical spirits, but in the other direction. Here rest angels and most of the spirits (or ¡°demons,¡± according to some books, such as The Goetia and The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage) you might wish to evoke. They tend to be fairly amoral, and will do what you like. Sometimes they request payment, but often they¡¯ll be happy to help for the fun of it. One person¡¯s amicable spirit can be another person¡¯s inimical spirit.
The elemental spirits are usually amicable, though some may be inimical and incidental. They are usually helpful in work consistent with their element. So an elemental of water would be useful in emotional matters, while and elemental of earth might be willing to help with prosperity magic.  

Singular, ¡°larva.¡± These are the pests of the spirit world. Physical and emotional traumas often attract larvae, just as wounds attract maggots. And, just like wounds, if one does not deal with the underlying problem, larvae will just come back again and again, even after being banished. Many people sense them feeding on the ¡°energy¡± of those in pain, but I am uncertain about that explanation. It seems they could find easier sources of ¡°energy.¡± Perhaps they enjoy the sensation of strong emotions. Like inimical spirits, these creatures take multiple shapes, but tend to be much less powerful. The succubus and incubus (sexual spirits who provoke sexual dreams) could be considered a specialized and relatively harmless type of larvae.

These are the archangels of various systems. They are often friendly and helpful, but usually represent a single kind of power. So, while you¡¯d rarely have a spirit of Mars, for example, you do have several Powers of Mars. They represent a pure type of elemental or planetary energy. They have a specific and relatively unvarying vector, a ¡°will¡± (desire) perpetually focused on their sphere of influence. Spirits, as we have seen, are sometimes amoral¡ªthey act out of no moral code at all, and with no moral justifications. Powers are never amoral, but may be immoral¡ªthe Power of Hate, for example, is probably not pleasant. You can quite easily name a power after any abstract noun.  

Nature Spirits
These are a kind of power (just as defined above), but are often more helpful. Frequently a person will attract one or more nature spirits as guides; hence, the animal guide craze of New Age ¡°shamanism.¡± One could consider these a subtype of powers¡ªthe Power of Eagle, for example. These are not the spirits of individual animals. The Power of Cat is not the same as the discarnate form of your pet house cat.

Discarnate Entities
Speaking of which, discarnate entities are beings who were once alive, but now are not. Some part of their personality often lives on in a state of greater or lesser awareness. Necromancy is concerned with calling up and dealing with these beings, which can range anywhere from your Uncle Phil to Boo-Boo, your pet poodle. They usually have no greater knowledge than they did in life. And it¡¯s not entirely clear, for example, if you call upon Uncle Phil that you will therefore get Uncle Phil. Masquerading as dead loved ones seems to be a favorite sport of some spirits, who can pick details out of your mind and weave them into a convincing fiction.  

Unlike powers, gods have a full range of movement. Where a power is created from a single element or force, gods, like humans, are composed of multiple forces. Gods can act outside their spheres of influence, as is evident from a cursory glance at mythology, although they do not like to do so, and are often not very effective in so doing. Dealing with gods can be both dangerous and rewarding. They have their own agendas and goals, and their wills are much stronger than ours. Yet, they apparently need us to give them shape and form. It¡¯s a common occult opinion that gods who are not worshiped die. In my experience, this isn¡¯t even remotely true. I think our worship provides gods with form and structure, not with existence.  

Otherworld Entities
Some beings, like dragons, are none of the above, but exist outside of our universe and visit it infrequently for arcane purposes. These are truly alien beings; sometimes they are not even spirits. Not much can be said of such beings, except they have their own purposes and little concern for humans. People who play with dragons may very well be playing with fire.   

Multivalent Beings
Sometimes a discarnate entity and a spirit will join together, or a person¡¯s personality will be linked in some way to a power or to a god. These are complicated and fairly rare events. One example of a multivalent being is The Dalai Lama, who is both a mortal man and an incarnation of a power, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. One should not seek out such a joining. I have read and heard true horror stories of people seeking to become gods. Inevitably, such hubris leads to disaster.

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hmm sumber rujukan yang tidak berapa berteraskan al quran dan al hadis.. sgt mudah untuk digoyahkan akan faktanya.

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hmm sumber rujukan yang tidak berapa berteraskan al quran dan al hadis.. sgt mudah untuk digoyahkan  ...
addamnor Post at 14-7-2010 01:22

    betul. betul. betul

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hantu itu setan dan jin....
abeh citer..
yang perah kepala nak wat kategori apesalnye.......

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Reply 4# pawangBuaya

   bkn dia perah pale pong.. yg ngelaskan tu org lain..

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hantu itu setan dan jin....
abeh citer..
yang perah kepala nak wat kategori apesalnye.......
pawangBuaya Post at 14-7-2010 13:16

aku pon setuju.....

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 Author| Post time 14-7-2010 02:02 PM | Show all posts
maybe dia pernah jumpa kot dan duduk dikalangan makhluk

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aku suka2 ajerr ehh kategorikan JIN..... (diambil dari sumber pengkajian)

JIN terdiri dari 5 golongan atau taraf......

1. JIN yang paling rendah taraf = biasanya berbentuk binatang (takde rupa mana2 haiwan), tidak bersuara, mendengus dan biasanya tinggal di lubang2 busut, lubang tanah, lubang pokok, tandas, mata air, celah-celah batu dan lain2......

2. JIN yang kedua rendah taraf = biasanya dipanggil 'dewa' oleh sesetengah orang, tinggal di rumah2 berhala, tinggal di rumah ibadat agama lain, di atas awan, di sesetengah busut, di sesetengah pokok, di tengah padang, di sudut penjuru rumah, di alat2 penyembahan dan lain2......

3. JIN yang sederhana tarafnya = biasanya jenis ini banyak digunakan sebagai 'khadam' bagi manusia.... 'khadam' cincin, tinggal di batu, tinggal di kawasan harta, villa tinggal, dan kebanyakannya mendampingi manusia sebagai SAKA atau khadam......

4. JIN yang tinggi tarafnya = biasanya juga berdamping dengan manusia kerana kebijakkannya..... digunakan untuk menyantau, sihir pelalau, sihir pengikat, sihir pemisah dan lain2 jenis sihir atau santau.... jika yang tidak bertuan biasa tinggal di pokok2 besar, dalam balang atau bekas sesuatu, biasanya aktif menganggu manusia yang lemah semangat, dan kebiasaannya sangat aktif....

5. JIN yang paling tinggi tarafnya = biasanya tinggal di langit ke tiga dan sesetengah orang juga menggelar jenis ini 'dewa'... tinggal di pergunungan tebal, di padang pasir, di pautan dalam dan juga ada diantaranya dapat dimanipulasikan oleh manusia..... cuma jenis ini biasanya mempunyai peradaban yang sgt tinggi dan sukar untuk dimanipulasikan oleh manusia2 biasa.....


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Jin lapar tahap ape???

teringat plak cerite nujum pak belalang.... sebijik!

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Reply 8# edy137

    rasenye jin yg dok ade dlm bdn mel nih jin no 4..
jin yg degil nak mamp*s!!suh kuar xmo kuar..:@ :@

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Post time 14-7-2010 02:28 PM | Show all posts
bagus aku letak kat thread hantukiller daa..... sesuai dgn tajuknye alam JIN.....

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Post time 14-7-2010 03:07 PM | Show all posts

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Post time 14-7-2010 03:10 PM | Show all posts
kalau jin pakai toncet tu ada gak..
dalam citer pendekar bujang lapok

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Post time 14-7-2010 03:19 PM | Show all posts
jin mata buta pun ada gak tau....awwwww

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Post time 14-7-2010 03:25 PM | Show all posts
owhhh baru tau...

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Post time 14-7-2010 03:39 PM | Show all posts
cara2 JIN merasuki manusia....

ehh.... mcm bagus kalau aku bukak thread ekk.... tapi takpe laa... aku citer yang asas2 ajerr....

1. cara masuk sepenuhnya di dalam diri pesakit
2. cara masukkan anak atau cucu dalam diri pesakit
3. membina perumah sahaja dan singgah2 masuk ke dalam diri pesakit
4. pakai remote control untuk merasuk pesakit.... ibarat nye laa... bukan remote control btol2...
5. dan lain2..... ada tiga lagi kalau tak silap... nanti laa cerita...

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