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Jom Undi Seniwati Veteran Yg paling jelita

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Post on 29-12-2009 02:00 PM |All posts

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Apa kata kita undi seniwati2 veteran kita yg jelita di masa muda

1. Sarimah Ahmad

2. Latifah Omar

3. Saadiah


siput serawak

Sofea Ibrahim

Dayang Sofea & Mariani

Noor Azizah

Salmah Ahmad


Rosnani Jamil

Maria Menado

Mariam Baharom ( Ibu Rahimah Rahim )

Hashimah Yon


Mahyon Ismail

Neng Yatimah

Kasma Booty

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Rank: 15Rank: 15Rank: 15Rank: 15Rank: 15

Post on 29-12-2009 02:01 PM |All posts
poll takde ke??nak undi camne?stakat pilih je no bape2?camtu?
love yourself before you love others ~  

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Rank: 14Rank: 14Rank: 14Rank: 14

Post on 29-12-2009 02:02 PM |All posts
voted 4 sarimah...

gojes giler die nih dulu...
u're not alone....

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Rank: 14Rank: 14Rank: 14Rank: 14

Post on 29-12-2009 02:03 PM |All posts
poll tak siap lg ker?...
u're not alone....

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Rank: 8Rank: 8

Post on 29-12-2009 02:04 PM |All posts
kene pilih cam undi ketua darjah laa plak...

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