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wali dandiar

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ada sape2 bleh beri info ape kaitan wali dandiar dgn kerabat diraja johor?dgn cite die sezaman dgn sultan ibrahim....bro unek bleh bagi pencerahan????

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pernah dengar gak.... ada yg panggil embah dandiar kan? diakah yg Sultan Johor tgk menyiram pokok bunga dgn menggunakan gayung yg berlubang2 tpi air tumpah?

etoz Publish time 8-4-2011 11:33 AM

tinggi gak ek ilmu die...ade pape lg info?asal dari mane ke?

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Ambe pernah bjumpa sorang tua di Gadek. Beliau mmanggil ambe mlalui mimpi. Orang tua tu suh aku panjat Bkt Pedoman di Mersing utk mcari makam Tok Utih, bangsawan Bugis yg datang dr Mekassar..Tujuannya utk mgingat tanda2 waliyullah dlm kturunan Tok Utih..Anak cucu Tok Utih berpecah 2. Sebahagian berkhidmat di istana Pahang. Sebahagian lg berkhidmat di Istana Johor. Dandiar salah seorang kturunan Tok Utih.

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ada sape2 bleh beri info ape kaitan wali dandiar dgn kerabat diraja johor?dgn cite die sezaman dgn s ...
etoz Post at 8-4-2011 09:22 AM

wali ke dia ? wali sentiasa tutup aurat. :D:D:D

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<------- dia bukan wali lerr... dia brassball rascal mcm aku :2lol:

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Cite full pasal Dendiar.. written by Unekspekted No. VI @

siap gambar lagi dia bagi....

Familiar with Raden Mas legend?One of the 'main character' was the formidable warrior named Raden Diar Dhurmakusomo Ki Aji Ningrat or known as the famous "DENDIAR".

He is one of the General of Pangiran Agung Raden Kesumowijoyo, 2nd in throne of Kanjeng Ratu Kediri (Giri?).

It is believed this events taken place sometimes in the Javanese Kingdom of Giri (1621-1626) under the Penambehan Agung (Kanjeng Ratu Giri), NOT during the reign of "Kediri" Kingdom which lasted in 1293. (Pic : Giri in 1800's)


Legend said :

Konnection with Javanese Royal Courts
-Raden Kesumowijo and Raden Manosekoro were 2 sibling from different mother.
-Kanjeng Ratu Kediri appointed Raden Kesumowijoyo to be Pangeran Agung, 2nd line in throne
-Thus makes Raden Manosekoro frustrated
-Then, Pangiran Agung (Raden Kesumowijoyo) married a dancer, "Mas Ayu".
-This brought wrath from Radin Ratu Giri (Wife of Kanjeng Ratu Giri)
-Radin Ratu Giri then plotted with Raden Manosekoro to evict "Mas Ayu" from her Keraton during hunting trip led by Pangiran Agung
-Raden Manosekoro murdered "Mas Ayu" during the struggle and trying to burn the keraton along with her newborn daughter - Raden Mas.
- The hunting party of Pangeran Agung arrive at the scene and found out that his Keraton were burning.
- He along with Raden Diar then run amoks through out the night killing Raden Manosekoro and his followers. No one left breathing.
- He managed to save Raden Mas, and his wife, Mas Ayu were died in his arm.,
- He then swore by her blood "I shall forbid my feet, even the dust inmy palms to touch the land of Giri"

His formidable fighter, Raden Diar and 6 his followers sworn to raze the land of Giri and its Kingdom until nothing living creatures shall live, but stopped by Pangeran Agung.

Pangeran Agung makes Raden Diar swear to protect Kingdom of Giri during his absent.Then he left the land of Java, forever.

Konnection with Johore/Riau Kingdom

- Pangeran Agung then settling at Singapore as a peasant, at foot of Mount Faber (Bukit Larangan) with his daughter "Raden Mas" for 17 years after he left Kingdom of Giri.
- Raden Mas beauty was somehow becomes a highlight
- In one occasion, Pangeran Agung trying to save her daughter from harassmentperpetrated by members of Johore Royal Court.He is summoned to Istana and punished.

Raden Diar Comes!

- The same day, Raden Diar boarded his ship for search of supply.The event become a news of the day in the market and reached his ear.
- He then went to see the public punishment of this 'peasant' at Telok Blangah
- From afar, he quickly noted the resemblance of this 'peasant' with his most respected long lost friend - Pangeran Agung, the Crown Prince of Giri
- He then shouted and leaping straight to the middle of the square with his Keris unsheathed.
- He introduce his name, "Raden Diar" the War General of Kingdom of Giri.. the crowd stood silence, as the name itself has bring terror - when hearing neighbouring Kingdom of Karimun which he defeated in total destruction few years before.
- Both of them shed tears, looking at the poor condition of Pangeran Agung, the formidable Raden Diar want to run amoks.
- Again, he was stopped by Pangeran Agung for a 2nd time.
Seeing such dramatic event, the Penguasa Singapore Sultan Abd. Jalil ordered to release the prisoner.

They apologized for the misfortune as they not know that 'peasant' is actually the Crown Prince of Giri.


Sometime later, Sultan Abd. Jalil arrange the marriage of his sister Tunku Khalijah with Pangeran Agung, as to joint 2 royal bloodlines, and to apologize for the mistreatment.

The event was celebrated in Telok Blangah, attended by Raden Diar Dhumakusomo Ki Aji Ningrat with his 6 followers.

Seeing the problem has been mended, Raden Diar then left for Giri, as he still bound to his oath to protect Kingdom of Giri during the absent of Pangeran Agung.

Pangeran Agung and Tunku Khalijah then bore a child named "Tunku Chik".


Mas Ayu still a priority in the eyes of Pangeran Agung.And Mas Ayu has become a primadona in Malay archipelago for his beauty, and her royalty status.

This grows jealousy of his wife Tunku Khalijah.While, Khalijah brother, Tunku Bagus were fall in love with Mas Ayu.

Then one night, Tunku Bagus invited Pangeran Agung for dinner and drugged him.

Pangeran Agung were sent to live at the well behind Istana.

Then Mas Ayu were forced to marry Tunku Bagus.


Few months later, a ship from Giri departed at Telok Blangah's port.Raden Diar were coming to visit his friend, Pangeran Agung.

News reached the Royal Court of Telok Blangah with tremble.The reigning Sultan comes with excuse that Pangeran Agung has went 'bersuluk'.

Tunku Chik (Pangeran Agung's son with Tunku Khalijah 6 years old) then said that his father was in the well behind Istana.This shocked the band of Giri's.

Raden Diar then rushing to save him.

Seeing the terrible horror to come, Tunku Bagus then ran to the well and trying to kill Pangeran Agung to avoid him telling the stories so that he could destroy the evidence.

Seeing this, Mas Ayu rushed and block his father, the Keris then stabbed into her stomach.Raden Mas died immediately.

Brokenhearted, Pangeran Agung then died with his daughter at his arm.


Seeing such atrocity, 7 javanese warrior sheathed their Keris and ran amoks.Thousand died.

The Kings and their household set sails away from the island.They can only watch the terror that Raden Diar brought from afar.

Singapore was burning for 7 days and 7 nights.

Yes.The victims of scorching wrath of Dendiar was buried nearby.They only discovered this ancient tombs in 2008.


Upon the advice by the elders, the Sultan sent Tunku Chik, son of the demised Pangeran Agung went ashore.

He said to Raden Diar "Raden.... if you kill everybody, who going to take care of me?"
Raden Diar stood still, then humbly kneel in front of Tunku Chik crying.

He then later sworn oath, with blood in his hands that..."He.. Raden Diar Dhurmakusomo Ki Aji Ningrat,... shall serve and obey Tunku Chik and his bloodlines, like he serve Pangeran Agung, as sign of his never-ending loyalty to Pangeran Agung"........................................

This is where the legends started... sebab 'sumpahan' keramat.. bukan sebab dia wali - pasal, dia memang terkenal sebab keje bunuh orang je dia tau, mengaji dia tak tau ;P

te_peng Publish time 10-4-2011 04:42 PM

Terima kasih uneks atas info {:1_138:}

tok_cyber Publish time 10-4-2011 06:01 PM

TQ Unexpected..once Highlander07 had told about this/these man/men..Then biarlah rahsia

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ni bukan ke cam filem raden mas lakonan latifah omar dan m.amin??

etoz Publish time 11-4-2011 08:19 AM

aku pon xtau die wali ke x....sbb 2 tny....sory2....tq uneks..

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Reply 11# etoz

dia ade sorang lagi 'kawan'.. harimau tempang...

etoz Publish time 11-4-2011 02:03 PM

wah....uneks cite ar skit sape 2 harimau tempang....aku mmg suke bab2 sejarah nie...

etoz Publish time 11-4-2011 03:49 PM

uneks harimau tempang yang ko maksudkan 2 same cite dgn dengkes,tepok n blang ke???bleh ko cte skit x klu btol....

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baru aku tau benda ni.. ganeh gak mas raden ni.. tq for the info
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