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Sepak Raga Manggis

Sepak Raga Manggis a big hit
S. Abdul Rahim Saimon (right) aiming for the ball during
the Sepak Raga Manggis demonstration at Taman Titiwangsa.

KUALA LUMPUR: Sepak Raga Manggis was a hit at the Kuala Lumpur Traditional Games Festival 2009.
The game caught the attention of some 64 participants from the Customs and National Unity and Integration Department who were at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa yesterday to compete in 12 traditional Malay games.

Four players from Kota Belud, Sabah were specially flown in to demonstrate the game.

One of the players, S. Abdul Rahim Saimon, said the game originated from Kota Belud and is usually played by villagers during festivals.

"There are competitions too but the game is not as easy as it looks," he said.
Sepak Raga Manggis requires a player to kick a rattan ball 15 to 20 metres high for it to hit a smaller ball known as jantung attached to the base of a miniature house decorated with flags.

The house is hung at the top of a bamboo pole and player scores five points every time it hits the ball, or two points if the rattan ball hits the base of the house.

mula aku ingatkan.. amik buah manggisjadikan cam sepak raga.......tee hee.....   

karam mate!!! nanti aku carik citer pasai ni... aku buat cam ko ada ckp dulu... bagi informasi... kan??wokeyyyyy mate!!

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nanti aku cari info pasal sepak raga manggis ni...

dru_helle Publish time 25-9-2010 10:25 AM

ada ker sukan ni?
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